10 Hilarious Examples Of Extreme Planking

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Social media has given a platform for the strange and bizarre unlike anything before. People are able to create funky movements and perpetuate them without any trouble whatsoever. Planking is one such phenomenon that came around a couple of years ago and took the world by storm. You could see people plank at the strangest of places and it did provide us some decent comic relief for some time. As a tribute to this unusual activity, this list features 10 hilarious examples of people taking planking a bit too seriously.

Planking On A Plane

This person managed to plank on a plane before being shooed out of position by air-hostesses.

Close Inspection

This person clearly cares a lot of about what he puts into his body, which is why he is taking such a close look at his groceries.

Wrong Side Up

A hilarious example of planking done unnecessarily.

Planking On Camels

Even these camels seem quite amused by this person’s attempt to plank on top of them.

Pre-Boarding Planking

Nothing like a good planking session before you board a plane I suppose.

Stop The Train

What is the best way to stop a train door from shutting close? Planking of course!

Planking Is Cool

A very literal example of why planking can sometimes be cool.

Planking For A Presentation

Even academicians got into planking at one point.

Spot The Plank

This person went through a lot of trouble in order to pull of this planking feat.

Monumental Plank

Only a person born into this technological era would think of planking in front of the pyramids.