10 Science Fiction Weapons That Could Be Created In The Future

The genre of science fiction has always been one of the most fascinating and intriguing of all time. That being said, these stories, movies, and video games have always been filled to the brim with technology that could be considered both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Some of it was based on real-life technology, but much of it was made up entirely. Of course, in today’s technological world, a lot of the technology could be recreated and made into a scary reality. Here are ten science fiction weapons that could theoretically exist in the real world.


In the world of Star Wars, lightsabers are the single most impressive weapons in the fiction. In 2013, scientists from both Harvard and MIT managed to manipulate photons and make their very own weapons.


The cyborgs in Robocop are quite terrifying, and they could be very real very soon. Vanderbilt University has since constructed a bionic exoskeleton capable of helping those with paralyzed spinal cord damage walk once more.