10 Hilarious Church Signs That Will Make You Laugh

The church has been in the midst of a lot of controversy over the past few decades. The new pope has done a great job in bringing the church into the new millennium and dispelling some ideas that were clearly outdated. As this behemoth religion tries to stay relevant in the face of rapid technological and ideological growth, the message it preaches becomes more vital than ever before. Church signs are a great indication of the kind of sermon you could expect in the church. Some church signs are serious and to-the-point, while others can be a little creative in their approach. Here is a list of 10 church signs that are quite hilarious:

Wireless Access To God

This sounds like the perfect data plan, and it has some heavenly benefits.

Hot As Hell

It is never a good idea to make people walk into a church by reminding them how hot hell can be.