15 Heartburn Triggers People With Acid Reflux Should Avoid

Twenty to thirty percent of the adult population regularly suffer from symptoms related to acid reflux. If it’s a condition you’ve suffered from, you know the pain all too well. When that fiery sensation strikes, or you feel like you’re on the verge of spewing your guts everywhere, you’re reminded of all the foods you’ve eaten over the past few days and instantly regret your choices.

The good news is that heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms are avoidable, by either eliminating or simply cutting down on some of these fifteen heartburn trigger foods. We know it will be difficult to cut out favorites like chocolate, cheese, or coffee, but if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night—nearly paralyzed in agony with severe heartburn, it might be time to give these trigger foods the boot.


Everyone loves a drink every now and then, but people who suffer from recurring acid reflux should be cautious. Red wine and beer are especially likely to cause heartburn, as is drinking excessively or with a large meal.

Spicy Food

Believe it or not, some people say eating spicy food actually soothes their heartburn. Still, eating too many spicy foods is one of the most common reasons people get heartburn. That’s because spicy foods tend to affect the acid levels in your stomach, which can lead to acid reflux and severe heartburn, as well as digestion issues.

Fried and Fatty Food

Fried food may look nice and crispy, but they actually retain a lot of the oils they’re fried in. This, combined with increased digestion time for foods high in fat, can make heartburn a nightmare for those sensitive to it.