10 Hilarious Animals Who Think They Are Humans

Animals, especially cats and dogs, seem to be an endless source of entertainment for human beings. We tend to use their company by keeping them as pets, and amuse ourselves by making them do silly tricks just for a doggie treat. We also like to make them dress up like people in order to anthropomorphize their behavior. The latest trend in doggie-related entertainment is capturing pictures of dogs who think they are human. It isn’t too hard to do that either, because apparently dogs will do anything we ask of them. No wonder we think they are so loyal! It takes a lot of loyalty to deal with our unending thirst for entertainment. Here is a list of 10 funny pictures of animals who think they are human beings.

Shocking News

This dog is shocked by the terrorism news on the first page. He understands now what the expression ‘dog eat dog world’ really means.

Bad Timing

Don’t you just hate it when people call you on your phone just after you pass out?