10 Health Myths That Truly Need to be Debunked

We live in the type of world where our personal health is taken care of by industry professionals who spent a decade or more in schooling to ensure they could treat almost any disease or health concern. Despite living in such a society, there are a lot of health concerns and myths spread around by co-workers and businesses that should be debunked, but for one reason or another have not yet. Despite what you may think, there are everyday items and occurrences harming your health for the worse. Here are ten health myths that truly need to be debunked.

Tanning Beds

Apparently, using a tanning bed is completely safe. This is false, as they produce UVA rays, which are just as bad as UVB rays, which cause serious burns and cause skin cancer in some. Tanning beds have been listed as one of the leading causes of cancer by the World Health Organization.

Swimming After Eating

A lot of people grew up hearing that swimming after consuming food will cause cramps and could lead to drowning. This is false, though. After eating, more blood will flow into the digestive system. This could cause less energy to form, but won’t cause cramps.