10 Southern Stereotypes Country Music Should Stop Pushing

To some degree, it seems as if Country Music knows it is pushing a rather negative stereotype when it comes to the Southerner. Despite the fact that the Country Music industry knows this, it doesn’t seem to care all that much because it keeps releasing songs and videos that only push that stereotype further. For this reason, Southerners have problems being taken seriously by the rest of the world and country music hurts its ability to catch on with new markets.

Southern Women Aren’t All Short Tempered

While some women take it as a source of pride that they are able to “raise hell”, it’s interesting to listen to song after song about women raging out on their man. Plenty of southern women are willing to talk things out, instead of burning their ex’s house down.

Southern Women Aren’t All Seeking Revenge

Just like all southern women aren’t hotheads, they also aren’t all wronged and looking for revenge for something. Sometimes, the ladies are even the ones who were the first offenders. There seems to be a weird victimhood running through both of these first two stereotypes.