10 Southern Stereotypes Country Music Should Stop Pushing

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To some degree, it seems as if Country Music knows it is pushing a rather negative stereotype when it comes to the Southerner. Despite the fact that the Country Music industry knows this, it doesn’t seem to care all that much because it keeps releasing songs and videos that only push that stereotype further. For this reason, Southerners have problems being taken seriously by the rest of the world and country music hurts its ability to catch on with new markets.

Southern Women Aren’t All Short Tempered

While some women take it as a source of pride that they are able to “raise hell”, it’s interesting to listen to song after song about women raging out on their man. Plenty of southern women are willing to talk things out, instead of burning their ex’s house down.

Southern Women Aren’t All Seeking Revenge

Just like all southern women aren’t hotheads, they also aren’t all wronged and looking for revenge for something. Sometimes, the ladies are even the ones who were the first offenders. There seems to be a weird victimhood running through both of these first two stereotypes.

Not All Southerners Have A Drawl

While there are certainly parts of the deep South that have a deep drawl, there are also plenty of people in the South that don’t have that accent.

Not Everyone Is A Farmer

While being a farmer isn’t just a Southern stereotype, there are a ton of songs that tend to talk about someone sitting on their back porch looking out over their crops. There are plenty of Southerners who live in big cities.

Most Southerners Wear Shoes

Somewhere along the way, there were enough songs sung about the South and how everyone walks around barefoot, that visitors are always shocked to see rural Southerners wearing shoes. The fact of the matter is most people wear shoes. It’s astounding we have to spell that out.

Not Everyone Drives A Truck

There was a time when people from the deep south used to drive trucks in order to get over rough terrain. In 2015, most of the South is paved just like the Northern states.

Not Every Good Looking Woman Wears Tight Jeans Or Daisy Dukes

There has long been a stereotype that says good looking women are either going to wear tight jeans or Daisy Dukes. Dresses, blouses and pantsuits are all clothing worn by plenty of good looking women in the South.

Not Everyone Drinks Beer

Not everyone eats chicken and not everyone in the South drinks beer either. One song after another talks about the amount of beer people drink in the South. Sometimes people drink something else and sometimes they don’t booze it up at all.

Southerners Aren’t All Poor

Country music always talks about how people don’t have two nickels to rub together but the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of middle class and upper class people in the South. Places like Atlanta and Dallas are even thought of as a place that houses tons of rich people.

Not Everyone Likes Fried Chicken

Sure, there are plenty of people in the South who like fried chicken and waffles but that doesn’t mean only Southerners love fried chicken. Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood are both vegetarians, so maybe the Country Music industry could actually help kill this stereotype once and for all.