10 Flowers You Didn’t Know Were Edible

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Many of us love to receive bouquets of flowers on any given occasion. The different varieties of flowers bring color, and wonderful fragrances inside of our homes. The wonderful many fragrances from these flowers often make us say to ourselves, ‘this smells good enough to eat’. Well, some of your favorite flowers are actually edible and you probably weren’t aware. So, the next time you receive some flowers, see if they’re on this list of flowers you can eat!


Many of us are used to receiving roses on special occasions. Roses can be used in jams, teas and tasty treats such as sorbets.


Lavender has a sweet, perfume like fragrance. You can use them in desserts such as cakes and fruit crisp.


This wonderful smelling flower can be used in ice cream, jams and sorbets. Many people also infuse the flower into simply syrup for their cocktail beverages.


Daylilies have a sweet taste to them. They can be eaten raw. The root on a daylily is even edible.


Once the stamens and pistils are removed form the tulips, you can eat them. They’re great for salads and ice cream.


Orchids can brighten up any home. You can use this flower as a garnish, in stir-fry dishes or you can make them candied. Orchids have cucumber, spicy flavor.


Carnations can be steeped in wine or eaten as-is. You can also use the flower as a decoration on your favorite cake.


This flower/weed can be used in wines, syrups, tea and salads.


Pansies have a minty flavor that makes them perfect hors d’oeuvres, fruit salads and cocktails.


Violets are often used in teas and jellies. Many people also use this flower in salads.