10 Fake Stories The World Fell For In 2015

El Chapo Declares War On ISIS

Mexican drug lord El Chapo is one of the most-feared people on Earth and so when a story was published that El Chapo declared war on ISIS, many ran with it as it was both scandalous and actually quite possible. The story was completely fake and originated from the website Thug Life Videos and that should tell you all you need to know about just how legitimate the story is.

The Paris Attacks Were Planned On A PlayStation 4

Forbes published a headline that shocked many people when they claimed that the terrorist attacks in Paris were planned on a PlayStation 4. The only thing the article did was spread more fear and terror. However, turns out that the article was published not by a reporter but by a random person on the Forbes open blogging platform who misread the police report. The whole story was just a fantasy.