10 Facts You Never Knew About California

California became the 31st property of the United States and it has blossomed into a tourist destination and home for technology jobs, future movie stars, and retired people. If it became a country itself, it would already have the eighth-largest economy in the world and only 34 other countries would have a bigger population. While many areas, including San Francisco, require a higher income than most places to live comfortably, there’s plenty of opportunity for people to thrive and there’s plenty of activities to enjoy. Here are some interesting facts about one of the best states in the nation.

Previously Known For Grizzly Bears

California was born as the Grizzly Bear State, but it didn’t last as the state became popular and there were no more grizzly bears since 1924. It was changed to what is now known as the Golden State. This is also why the bear is on the current flag.

Flag Based On Real Bear

A huge 1,200-pound bear that was photographed by William Randolph Hearst in 1899 received the name Monarch. He became a star at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and eventually died in 1911.