10 Facts About The X-Files You Didn’t Know

The X-Files made its long-awaited premiere of the 10th season this week. The original nine-season run ended back in 2002 on FOX, and the network decided to revive it as they were expecting a huge ratings boost. While the old cast was able to get back together, it was only given a limited six-episode run due to conflicting schedules from the actors. If successful, the show will likely continue in some form in the future. Here are 10 other interesting facts about the show.

Smoking Man Originally An Extra

Known as the “Cigarette Smoking Man,” producers of the show didn’t make him into the main enemy until years into the series. That’s when they upgraded him from a background character and gave him lines.

Magazine Panned Series

Before the show even made its premiere in 1993, Entertainment Weekly said that the show wouldn’t last with a Friday timeslot. The X-Files still currently sits as the longest running sci-fi TV show in broadcast history.