10 Facts About Mobile Phones You Never Knew

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Cell phones are used all over the world by pretty much everyone. Even in places where people don’t have access to nutritious food or clean water, a lot of people still have a mobile phone. This has been revolutionary for many people, and it connects the world in ways that many wouldn’t have even dreamed of a few hundred years ago. Even though they are used by almost everyone, there are still many things about mobile phones that many people do not know. This list is a compilation of ten different facts about mobile phones that you probably didn’t know!

Cell Phone Usage

The average person goes on their cell phone 110 times per day.

Cell Phone Cost

The first cell phones sold in the U.S. were priced at around $4,000.

Phones And The Internet

Most internet users actually access the internet using their cell phone, not computers.

iPhone Sales

In 2012, Apple sold 340,000 iPhones every single day.

Fear About Phones

There is actually a word for the “fear of not having your cell phone” and it’s called nomophobia.

Waterproof Phones

In Japan, most cell phones are waterproof, because so many people take them into the shower.

Bacteria On Phones

Cell phones are some of the dirtiest things in the world. On average, they have 18 times more bacteria on them than toilets.

Cell Phone Radiation

Despite claims that cell phones cause cancer, there has been no actual evidence that radiation from cell phones is harmful.

Smart Phone Power

Your smart phone, be it an iPhone or an Android, has more computing power than the computer that put astronauts on the moon.

Apps On Phones

65% of smart phone users don’t actually download any apps, which essentially means they’re wasting the point of a smart phone.