10 Facts About Japan That Show How Cool It Really Is

Japan is one of the strangest and interesting societies in the world. The Japanese have come up with some really interesting foods, clothing, entertainment, and cultural phenomenons. They have come up with things like sushi, anime, and kimonos. They have things like “cat cafes” where a person can literally go and just hang out with cats. These are just the obvious ones though – Japan has so much more to it that everyone should know about. This list is a compilation of ten different facts about Japan that will show you how interesting it really is.

Napping At Work

In Japan, sleeping at work isn’t considered a bad thing. In fact, people in Japan are allowed to schedule a nap time into their work day. Sleeping on the job is seen as an indicator that the person is working very hard, and tiring themselves out.

No Janitors

In Japan, there are no janitors in schools. The reason for this is that the students and teachers clean the schools together, teaching the students responsibility.