20 Best And Worst Onstage Outfits Of Your Favorite Popstars

It’s the battle of the pop-stars in this list of crazy, sexy, wacky and outrageous collection of onstage outfits. From Rihanna to Katy Perry, these stars know exactly how to get our attentions when performing on stage, whether it’s glittery leotards to skin baring garments. Unfortunately sometimes we see these outrageous costumes and say WOT? Luckily for the stars, fashion is objective so a fashion hit to someone might be a fail to someone else. Here are 20 best and worst onstage outfits of your favorite pop stars. Let’s see how many you agree with!

Lady Gaga: Best

As you can imagine, trying to find a good outfit for Lady Gaga was a challenge; but after much digging we found this gorgeous photo of her performing with Tony Bennet.

Lady Gaga: Worst

We have nothing against octopuses, we just wouldn’t wear them on our heads or on our bodies!

Katy Perry: Best

The sexy star doesn’t take herself too seriously and that’s why we love her.

Katy Perry: Worst

We get the tiger reference while performing her hit song Roar, but we just don’t like this outfit… Sorry Katy!