10 Face Tattoos That Were Complete Fails

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Tattoos are one of the ultimate ways to express individualism and be creative. Millions of people all around the world have had ink imprinted into their skin, making a permanent work of art that will stay with them for life. A face tattoo is the most significant form as it is always on display and cannot be easily hidden away. This makes it all the more embarrassing when the artwork is a fail, as everyone can see just how bad the tattoo is all of the time.


At least the fellow on the right put some effort into his design, while the guy on the left clearly just wanted his face to be blue and green.

Sad Clown

The only way that this tattoo could be considered a good idea is if he is part of a circus and wants to save money on buying makeup all of the time.

Starry Brow

While you can have as many embarrassing tattoos on your body where they can be covered up with clothes or bandages, you should make sure the tattoo you are getting on your face is very good. Otherwise you end up with a mess like this.

Face Sketchpad

When one tattoo isn’t enough to show off your individuality, it’s better to get a few hundred.

Porn Commercial

Becoming a living late night commercial for a pornography site might not be the best life decision.

Never Forget

It won’t be easy to forget this memorable face, though she apparently is doing her best to hide her face underneath that hoody.

Hipster Face Mask

What is sad here is that this girl clearly knows what a good tattoo looks like as she has one on her neck. Yet she still managed to pick these pathetic pieces of art for her most prominent feature – her face.

Child’s Drawing

This is an important lesson in how you shouldn’t let a small child design your tattoos for you, especially when they are going to be permanently displayed on your face.

Tattooed Hairline

If you are losing your hair there are several options open to you. This fellow though obviously thought that the best thing to do was to tattoo a fake hairline onto his forehead.

Walking Advert

Maybe the $15,000 this man was paid to have a Mitt Romney tattoo on his head was worth being made a permanent Republican Party advert.