10 Everyday Items Deadlier Than Sharks

For decades, sharks have been viewed by the public as some of the most deadly creatures on the entire world. They are apex predators who people say will kill anything on sight, but that isn’t always true. A shark only tends to attack when aggravated, assaulted, or when it is confused. However, there are definitely a lot of things far deadlier than a shark can ever be. Some of those things, unfortunately, are everyday items that some of us mess around with on a daily basis. Here are ten items more likely to kill you than a shark ever will.


Within the span of a single year, around six children will perish due to latex balloons. The statistics do not specify how they died from the balloons, but it is safe to assume they choked on them while exploring the texture and object.

Vending Machines

Vending Machines are quite deadly, and have actually killed more people per year than both sharks and snakes combined. People tend to shake the machine or steal from it, so they fall and crush the person in the ensuing outcome.