10 Dumb Criminals Caught For Stupid Reasons

Criminals tend to be dangerous individuals who are willing to commit violence in order to undertake their criminal plans effectively. However, some of them aren’t quite that bright. They may be brutish and violent, but that doesn’t mean they have brains. There are plenty of criminals who end up getting caught due to them doing something completely dumb. The following criminals may have known what they were doing, but they still made a horrible mistake that got them caught in the end.

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson thought he had set up the “perfect crime” when he went into a local home improvement store in Washington. Unfortunately, he dropped a bottle of methamphetamines during his attempted robbery. The bottle had his name and phone number attached.

Steven Diaz

Steven Diaz, of Pasadena, California, wanted a couple of drinks with his friends, so he tried to steal a bottle of wine. He punched a security guard, dropping his wallet, identification, and the wine in the process.