10 Dogs Who Are So Confused By The World

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There are dogs in this world who are always concerned about everything. They get so stuck with being concerned, they end up in the most ridiculous situations which results in some pretty confused, albeit really adorable reactions. Because, well, dogs are always cute — even when they act a bit dumb. We’ve searched the Internet in order to find the most confused of them all, the ones who just can’t get it right, and we’ve listed them below.

The Dog In A Vest

This big guy looks truly traumatized by what he’s just been put through. And we can’t blame him, clothing is annoying.

A Puppy

This cutie got stuck in the cat door. He must have thought he’s still a puppy.

The Stairs Master

This gorgeous black doggie is still working on figuring out the depth perception. It’s hard, okay?

The Ghost Dog

The owner of this dog explained the situation with the dog running underneath her dress and getting so confused it couldn’t get out.

The One Who Couldn’t Get To His Toy

Man, the fences can be a real pain in the ass.

The Dog That Discovered Puppies

Have you ever seen anything cuter? We didn’t think so.

The Dog That Was Scared Of Kittens

It should be the other way around, right?

The Dog That Couldn’t Comprehend Its Size

Both of these puppies seem to be grappling with the simple concept of size.

The Dog Whose Food Got Eaten By A Chicken

This dog is both suspicious, furious and deeply disturbed by the creature eating his food. Also, quite adorable.

The Extra Confused Dogs

These twin dogs are really confused about what they’re looking at.