10 Death Defying Stunts Humans Accomplished

Since as long as anyone can remember, people have been trying to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish. This has ended with a lot of people either hurt, famous or even both, though their stunts may not have always been of the death-defying variety. These following ten, however, are some of the scariest to have been accomplished. The people attempting them are willing to risk their own lives to put on a good show. Stunt mans, magicians, and more have given fame a shot.

Jumping A Jet

Doug Dancer, a well known stunt man, decided it would be best to reach a top speed of 73 miles-per-hour in order to launch himself off of a 120-foot ramp to clear a 160-foot wingspan of a passenger jet. He accomplished it.

Spin Cycle

While restrained with six pairs of handcuffs and two sets of leg irons, escape artist Rick Maisel decided to hop into a spinning washing machine before freeing himself from his confines.