10 Death-Defying Structures Built On Cliffs

It has been discovered that about five percent of the total human population suffers from acrophobia – the irrational fear of heights. The rest of the people in the world are simply more cautious and avoid standing on the edge of a cliff for long periods of time. As a species, however, we tend to love building our structures in places that leave us with a wonderful sight line towards nature. If that means building on the edge of a cliff, then so be it. Here are ten death-defying structures built on cliffs.

Bandiagra Escarpment

The Bandiagra Escarpment of Mali is the home of the Dogon people, who have been living in the same area since the 15th century. To protect themselves, the Dogon people constructed their dwellings on the edge of a cliff face.

Sky Caves Of Nepal

The Sky Caves Of Nepal, which are housed within the Himalayas, are located in a gorge that is much bigger than the Grand Canyon. The cliff wall has over 10,000 caves, some of which are almost 150-feet off the ground.