10 Stupid Things People Have Been Arrested For

No one wants to go to jail but sometimes it can’t be helped. Although there are more serious crimes that need to be dealt with, there are cops out there arresting people for the craziest and most stupidest things ever. You just never know if you are going to do something to make a police officer mad and get arrested for something stupid. Here are 10 of the stupidest things people have been arrested for.

Possession of Spaghetti O’s

One woman was pulled over during a routine traffic stop. However, when they pulled her over, they found a spoon wrapped up in a plastic bag covered in an unknown residue. When the cops did a field test on it, the residue came back positive for methamphetamine. However, the woman claimed it was just spaghetti O’s that she was eating and the spoon was borrowed from a friend. She claimed she was going to take the spoon home and wash it so she could return it to her friend. However, because the residue came back positive for methamphetamine, she ended up being arrested. She spent two weeks in jail before she was released. She was later put back in jail until the lab results came back on the residue on the spoon — spending a month and a half in jail. Apparently, those field tests police do aren’t that great because, as it turns out, it really was spaghetti O’s on her spoon.

Flicking A Lit Cigarette Onto The Ground

Apparently, Albuquerque, New Mexico, police take littering seriously — even if it is just a lit cigarette that someone finished and threw on the ground. A police officer saw a 31-year-old man do just that and arrested him for littering. The man was given the option to bail out with cash money, as long as he go to a mental health facility. However, he refused to do so and spent almost a week in jail before he was finally bailed out. Apparently, the Albuquerque police department arrested a lot of people for littering back in 2012.