10 Dangerous Fish That Are Known Killers

There are some terrors of the deep hidden in the depths of the ocean, and these giant killers have attacked human beings before and won the fight. Man-eating fish force millions of people to run from the water every single year – or not even enter the water in the first place. They don’t just lurk in the oceans, though, as even lakes, rivers, and along the coast are not safe from their wrath. The 23-foot Giant Sawfish comes to mind in terms of terrifying dangerous fish. Here are ten fish that have actually killed people.


The Pacu is a creepy, bizarre fish that only grows up to about 3 foot in length, and around 55 pounds in total. Oddly enough, these fish have human-like teeth that they use to attack. They are aggressive and have killed fishermen in the past. In 2011, the Pacu was the reason for two fishermen perishing in the water.

Giant Sawfish

The Giant Sawfish can grow up to impressive lengths of 23 feet, and are armed to the literal teeth with a long saw-like appendage on the front of their bodies. They have use this blade to attack people, basically sawing them in half. In the past 3 years, sawfish have attacked at least 5 boats when they were captured by a reel.