20 Photogenic Animals Posing For The Camera

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Let’s be real, humans are completely fascinated with animals; these irresistible creatures can keep us captivated for hours at a time. We capture their actions on videos and every-so-often we take photos when they do randomly funny things. Whether it’s a cute kitten, man’s best friend or animals we can only observe from afar, it’s fair to say that we can’t get enough of them. Luckily, you don’t have to because here are 20 photogenic animals posing for the camera.

British Bunny

In my mind, this sophisticated bunny has a British accent, and likes to sip tea from a tiny cup!

Model Gecko

If they had a lizard version of Top Model, I think this gecko would definitely make the top 10.

Shady Cat

Who’s the coolest cat in the building? Isn’t it obvious?

Pony Ride

What’s cooler than a dog riding a pony? Well, a dog posing for the camera while riding a pony, duh!

Trendy Snake

Top-hats are all the rage right now, so this snake is totally on trend!

Celebrity Gorilla

Celebrities know how annoying paparazzi can be, and this Gorilla is clearly not a fan.

Horse Trio

When 3 best friends get together, a mini photo-shoot is a must!

Graceful Bird

Seriously, I’m holding this pose for three more seconds, then I’m done!

Acrobatic Frog

And the award for the most acrobatic toad on the block goes to….. this guy!

Body Builder Kangaroo

I’m guessing this buffed up Kangaroo works out 7 days a week; I mean, look at those arms.

Naughty Kitten

I don’t think this kitten is old enough for these sexy poses! Where are her parents?

Sexy Monkey

This fabulous monkey knows that if you have ‘it’ you must flaunt ‘it’.

Shy Bulldog

Does this photo make my butt look big? Nope, that’s a load of bull!

Miley Cyrus Bunny

Well, someone is clearly a fan of Miley Cyrus!

Photogenic Dog

Hey hot stuff, I see you staring at me staring at you!

Happy Hamster

Two thumbs up for the happy, smiling hamster!

Cool Lima

I feel like this Lima has the soul of a rapper, like snoop dog or Ice Tea. I mean, how cool is he?

Beautiful Goat

When you’re this gorgeous, all you need to do is stand in front of the camera and smile; that’s it!

Clapping Gorilla

Lady Gaga’s song “I live for the applause-plause Live for the applause-plause” comes to mind.

Dog Selfie

Its almost time for dinner, but let me take a selfie real quick!