20 Photogenic Animals Posing For The Camera

Let’s be real, humans are completely fascinated with animals; these irresistible creatures can keep us captivated for hours at a time. We capture their actions on videos and every-so-often we take photos when they do randomly funny things. Whether it’s a cute kitten, man’s best friend or animals we can only observe from afar, it’s fair to say that we can’t get enough of them. Luckily, you don’t have to because here are 20 photogenic animals posing for the camera.

British Bunny

In my mind, this sophisticated bunny has a British accent, and likes to sip tea from a tiny cup!

Model Gecko

If they had a lizard version of Top Model, I think this gecko would definitely make the top 10.

Shady Cat

Who’s the coolest cat in the building? Isn’t it obvious?

Pony Ride

What’s cooler than a dog riding a pony? Well, a dog posing for the camera while riding a pony, duh!