10 Cursed Items With Horrifying Histories

Annabelle the Doll

A lady found this doll in the 1970’s in an antique shop, and she bought it for her daughter. Soon the mother and daughter started to find the doll in other rooms besides those it was originally placed in. Also, droplets of blood were often found around the doll, along with strange notes. Donated to the Warrens Occult Museum, this doll sits in a glass case and has a warning sign before it.

The Dybbuk Box

In 2001, Kevin Mannis bought what he thought was an antique wine cabinet at an estate sale. Soon he began to suffer from nightmares along with people around him. So, the best thing he thought to do was give the wine cabinet to his mother – who suffered a stroke and died the same day. Subsequent owners reported horrible events, and the latest owner, Jason Haxon, developed a rare skin disease.