10 Creepy Curses You Might Encounter On Vacation

Lokrum, Dubrovnik

Legend has it that the curse has been put on anyone who tries to buy the island of Lokrum. And apparently it works as well as the island has been sold multiple times and all the owners have suffered from very weird accidents with some of them involving bankruptcy and death.

The Ayers Rock Curse, Australia

The Ayers Rock in Australia is an incredibly odd rock and one of the world’s largest monoliths. Many tourists opt to take a bit of it home as it’s such an attractive tourist spot. However, the rock seems to have a built-in defense mechanism, and many that take a souvenir find themselves in a hurry to send it back. Apparently the national park administration office receives at least one package a day from the people who took a part of the rock with them and can’t wait to return it.