10 Creepy And Mysterious Pictures That Can’t Be Explained

The San Mateo Jane Doe

On June 6, 2006 police found the body of a dead woman in a tent in San Mateo, California. On the outside of the tent, written in tape was the message “”No Go, No Eat, No Drink, Murder.” The message confused many since an autopsy of the woman determined she had starved herself and hadn’t been murdered.

To further add to the mystery, officials found this photo, along with identification and other papers that told a tale of the woman. The problem is that while the picture was of here, the identification was faked. Now labeled a Jane Doe, authorities are still trying to figure out why this picture, an apparent mugshot, was with the body and why the rest of her stuff was faked.

The Newby Church Ghost

This photo, of a figure wearing a cowl and standing in a church, has baffled experts for years. The picture was taken by the institutions pastor in 1963 and he claims no one was in the shot when he took the photo. A number of experts have examined the original and don’t believe it’s a case of double exposure.