10 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australia

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Australia, the wildest continent on Earth, is as wide as the distance you need to travel when going from London to Moscow. It’s also the second country in the world that was kind enough to allow women to vote. Furthermore, it’s so nice that every seven days, more than 70 people overstay their visas because they just don’t want to go back to their home country. However, all of these facts are nothing compared to the crazy things we’ve found about Australia that are listed below.

Ocean Country

Because Australia is at the same time a continent and a country, it stretches for many miles. However, what should also be quite surprising is that more than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast, meaning almost the whole population of the continent is situated by the ocean.

New Australia

In 1892, two hundred Australians formed an organization after being frustrated with how the government ran the country. The only goal was to form an offshoot colony in Paraguay that would be called New Australia.


Australia’s former Prime Minister by the name of Bob Hawke holds the world record for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in under eleven seconds. Hawke also made a remark that his skill was crucial to why he was so successful as Prime Minister.

Police Convicts

When Australia was building its first police force, they decided the best way to do it is to hire the best behaved convicts. This unusual practice continues to this day.


If you decided to visit one beach each day, it would take you more than 25 years to visit all of Australia’s beaches.

Sheep Vs. People

You have three times bigger chance of spotting a sheep than a human as the continent of Australia hosts three times more sheep than people.


This fact will probably shock you, but Australia gets heaps of snow. Actually, the Australian Alps get more snowfall than Switzerland, one of most popular European skiing countries.


Jellyfish is your biggest threat in Australia. While many fear sharks, jellyfish actually kill more people than sharks, stonefish and crocodiles together.

The Left Law

While in Australia, avoid walking on the right-hand side of a sidewalk as it is thought of illegal to do so.


We conclude this list with the most important thing of them all – the selfie. Selfie, as all the most important inventions of the world, comes from Australia.