10 Crazy Things You Don’t Know About Burger King

Burger King has long cemented themselves into the world of fast food and consumerists’ hearts. They make one of the tastiest burgers around, and because of that they have expanded to over 70 countries and have over 13,000 restaurants around the world. It is hard to visit a new city without coming across a Burger King on the corner of a major road these days. Despite its popularity, a lot of people don’t actually know about the fast food business itself. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. Here are ten crazy things you don’t know about Burger King.

Ending Friendships

Burger King has been known for their unusual marketing tactics. One such tactic occurred in 2009 as the “Whopper Sacrifice.” Basically, Burger King offered a free Whopper to anyone willing to unfriend 10 of their friends on Facebook. They kept a tally of over 80,000 users deleting more than 200,000 people from the social media website.

McDonald’s Partnership

At one point, Burger King actually tried to make good and become friends with their top competitor, McDonald’s. The one-day truce was known as “Burger Wars,” to sell the “McWhopper.” McDonald’s turned them down, however.