10 Crazy Inventions People Actually Buy For Their Kids

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Parents, especially new parents, are always on the lookout for new ways and products to make their kids silent, happy and sleep well during the night. Anything that can simplify their life is something they will usually buy – if only to get them that extra hour of sleep. However, if you’re a parent and went on to buy one of the following ten products, chances are you went a little too far. There’s a thin line between useful and crazy. Here’s the ten craziest inventions people actually buy for their kids.

The Two-Front-Teeth Pacifier

Why not make your baby look like part vampire part swine with this hilarious pacifier!

iPad Potty

What a great way to make your kids technology-dependent before they can speak or walk.

The Peekaru Baby Snuggle

Because why wouldn’t you want to catch your baby in a tight grip and disable him or her from moving.

Baby Toupee

Make your baby the next Donald Trump! 10 years later and they will hate you.

The Snotsucker

For the small price of $19.99 you get to suck the snot out of your kid’s nose! What. A. Bargain.

Baby Butt Fan

The diaper rash prevention fan is not only debatable but also highly unsanitary.

The Daddle

Daddy saddle: The Daddle! Make your dad carry you around, it’s not like he’s got better things to do anyway.

Baby Lasso

Who wouldn’t want their baby to hang upside down?

The Windi

Plugging your baby up not only sounds incredibly uncomfortable, but it also can’t be good for your baby’s health.


Our question here is – can babies really be annoyed? We thought they can only cry because they’re either sleepy, wet or hungry.