20 Of The Most Bizarre Experiments Of All Time

There have been a lot of really bizarre experiments that have taken place throughout the course of humanity. These are mind twisting and will even make your jaw drop when you hear how strange they are. In fact, once you read about some of them you’ll find yourself wondering what made these people think of such experiments. You may even find yourself wondering who cares about these experiments now. Nevertheless, they’re quite entertaining to read about.

Elephants on Acid

In 1962, a group of researchers from Oklahoma City decided to find out what elephants are like when on LSD. Warren Thomas, Director of the City Zoo, led two of his colleagues in this study (Louis Jolyon West and Chester M. Pierce) where they shot 297mg of LSD into the rump of an elephant to discover if this would make it temporarily mad. Unfortunately, this led the elephant to stampede around his cage before keeling over and dying.


Stanley Milgram had a group of volunteers arrive at his lab where he told them that the experiment required them to kill an innocent person. While you’d imagine that these people would refuse to commit murder, you’d be surprised to learn that you’re wrong. When he put forth the request in the “right way,” almost everyone in this 1960’s experiment at Yale agreed to obey.

Demikhov’s Two-Headed Dogs

Vladimir Demikhov shocked the world in 1954 with a two-headed dog that he’d surgically created in his Moscow lab. He did this by grafting the head, shoulders, and front legs of a puppy onto the neck of a mature German shepherd. Once done, he paraded the dog around in front of reporters who gasped as both of the heads lapped at bowls of milk at the same time, before cringing as they watched the puppy’s milk dribble out of its esophageal tube.

The Initiation of Heterosexual Behavior in a Homosexual Male

James Olds and Peter Milner from McGill University discovered the brain’s septal region (the feel-good center) in 1954. They demonstrated how it produces sensations of intense pleasure and sexual arousal. In 1970, Robert Heath of Tulane University took things even further when he discovered that repeatedly stimulating this same region can transform a homosexual man into a heterosexual.