10 Crazy Facts About Life In Ancient Rome

You probably think of togas and gladiators when you hear Ancient Rome, but there are many facts about life in Ancient Rome that you’ve never thought about. For instance, gladiator fights were not the most important form of entertainment and urine was a hot commodity. Also, the Romans invented some modern day amenities that will shock you. But as far ahead of the curve as they were with architecture and city planning, they were equally as far behind in other aspects of life. Enjoy these 10 crazy facts about life in Ancient Rome.

Pay Your Urine Tax

Yep, you read that right. In Ancient Rome, urine was valuable; it was used as a medicine and for bleaching clothes. Collected from bathhouses, it was taxed, much like a liquor tax works today.

They Invented the Shopping Mall

Next time you’re breezing through your local mall to grab a shirt from one store and a pair of socks from the next, thank the Romans. About 2,000 years ago, the Romans created the first shopping mall, Trajan’s Market. And it is still standing today.