10 Crazy And Hilarious Ways People Were Caught Cheating On Their Partner

Find My Friend App

One boyfriend found that his girlfriend was cheating on him through the iPhone Find My Friend app. She had claimed that she was with her parents and had been out shopping, though the app, which locates a mobile to let friends know where you are, revealed that she had actually spent most of her time at an apartment in Manhattan.

Burnt Crotch

After finding a packet of opened condoms in her husband’s car, one wife decided to launch a plan to see if he was cheating on her. He poked holes in the condoms and then soaked them in pepper juice before placing them back in the box. Later her husband left to help her mom but returned later complaining of a painful crotch that he said he had burned, while her best friend rang her to say that she had a burning sensation due to a recent sexual encounter, providing all the proof she needed of what was happening.