10 Crazy And Awesome Facts About Dolphins

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Dolphins are some of the coolest animals of the sea! People love dolphins because they are generally friendly, cheerful, and incredibly intelligent. Dolphins are entertaining to watch, whether it be at sea or in a show! However, there are many things that people do not know about dolphins. For example, there are about forty different species of dolphin across the planet, including killer whales. That’s right! Killer whales are actually a type of dolphin, something that most people do not know. This list is full of interesting facts about dolphins!


Dolphins actually give each other names! Researchers discovered this by listening to and observing them. They “whistle” and this is their form of communication.


Since dolphins aren’t automatic breathers, only half of their brain sleeps at a time.

Dolphin Rights

Some scientists have argued that since dolphins have such developed brains and social orders, they should be given “rights” in the same way that humans have rights. They have even been called non-human persons.


The dolphin who played Flipper in 1964 committed suicide by not breathing.

Trained Dolphins

The U.S. Navy decided to train and arm 36 dolphins, to help kill terrorists. They went missing in 2005 and have not been seen since, so somewhere in the ocean, there are armed dolphins, trained to kill.


Although they spend their entire lives in the ocean, dolphins can drown, because they are mammals and have lungs like humans.


Dolphins are opportunistic eaters, which basically means that they’ll eat pretty much anything.


Dolphins are pretty serious about sex. Some dolphins who are sexually frustrated have been known to go on killing sprees. Also, male dolphins will separate a female from her family and starve her until she agrees to mate with him.


Dolphins are actually camouflaged by nature. They are dark on the top and light on their bellies, to help them blend in. When people are looking down, they can’t see the dolphin right away because of its dark back. When predators are looking upwards, they won’t see the dolphin because its light belly blends in with the bright sky!


There is an organization called Anti-Dolphin that believes that dolphins are a threat to humanity and should be exterminated.