10 Controversial Comic Book Stories That Shocked Readers

Amazing Spider-Man #700

Making dramatic changes to long established comic book canon can often lead to a strong reaction from fans. This is most evident in cases when a major character is permanently killed like in the 2012 comic book Amazing Spider-Man #700. The story, titled Dying Wish, saw Doctor Octopus swap consciousness with Peter Parker, leaving the hero to die in the villain’s body while Octopus carried on as Spider-Man. This controversial decision led to fans sending death threats to writer Dan Slott.

Holy Terror

This graphic novel from legendary writer Frank Miller was supposed to be an examination of terrorism in the United States. Originally slated to be a Batman project, DC decided to drop it partway through production because of its controversial themes. Following its release, the comic and Miller both received criticism for supposed racist views and blatant Islamophobia, with many seeing it as one of the most offensive comics ever created.