10 Celebrities Who Were Rejected By Playboy

It’s always great to see celebrities embracing their bodies and freely expressing their sexuality. With Playboy being one of the top nude magazines, it’s no wonder that if a star wants to get naked in front of the camera and truly do so in a fashion which is both sensual and respected, they turn to the infamous bunny. However, Playboy wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t keep a strict standard of who they want to feature on their cover and pages, resulting in numerous rejections and ruined self-esteem. The following 10 celebrities have tried to offer their nudity to the popular magazine, but were turned down for one reason or another.

Audrina Patridge

While Audrina Patrige looks astonishing, when she was 19 she had a few topless photos taken by a photographer as a submission for Playboy, but she was turned down.

Kelly Osbourne

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, had a huge interest in posing for a nude magazine back in 2007 and while she looks amazing now that she’s in shape, she was turned down by Playboy.