10 Brutal Acts Of Murder Committed By Children

We tend to believe that children are the most innocent and inspiring creatures on this planet. However, being a mere copy of us, kids can act in conspicuous and even horrific ways, depending on their parents and environment. Furthermore, not being able to truly separate between good and evil and acting on their emotions, rather than logic, children often make mistakes, some of which with irreversible effects. While these 10 human beings could have had great future in front of them, they managed to forever scar their lives by committing brutal acts of murder.

Jordan Brown

Just 11 years old, Jordan Brown fatally shot the pregnant girlfriend of his father, back in 2009. While the motive is still unknown, jealousy and the uncertainties of the broken home are among the top theories.

Mary Bell

Born in 1957, Mary Bell may seem like the usual girl, yet she is nothing but. When she was 11 years old, with the help of her friend Norma Bell, the girl sadistically murdered and mutilated two young boys.