10 Bizarre Ways Small Countries Make Money

Being a tiny country is a huge problem in today’s world, as there are so many larger nations out there more than willing to bully their way into your land. Tiny islands, specifically, have found themselves with a significant lack of income, which means their economy is currently suffering at the moment. Some small countries, however, have somehow managed to earn themselves a lot of money and keep a steady income flowing into their country. These countries accomplish this by highly creative means. Here are ten bizarre ways small countries earn an income.

Selling Passports To Rich

With a population just under 48,000, the tiny country of Saint Kitts and Nevis was in a particularly bad spot in 2006. In order to obtain some income, they decided to sell the one resource they had one hand – their passports. They sold them to the rich folks who vacationed there.

Selling Passports To Poor

Comoros, a small island country in the Indian Ocean, was terribly impoverished, so they decided to sell an estimated 80,000 Bedoons, all of whom were seeking citizenship in the UAE. They earned millions with this scheme.