10 Ways Your Body Is More Amazing Than You Think

You may think you know everything there is to know about yourself, well you probably do emotionally and mentally, but have you ever wondered what really goes on inside your body? Have you ever stopped to think about what may actually be happening inside or ever wondered how much of one element you actually have in your body? Check out this list of 10 ways that your body is more amazing than you think and find out things you never knew about even yourself.


It’s surprising to find out that the human body has enough iron to make a nail that is almost 8 centimeters long.

Baby Bones

It’s crazy to think that when you were younger, you had 60 more bones than you do as an adult.


Did you know that your sweat doesn’t actually smell bad at all? The only reason your sweat smells bad is because you have bacteria on your skin that metabolizes it and produces the bad smell.

Male Hair

A study founds that men who have more hair, and not just on their head, were actually more intelligent than those who don’t.


Did you know that all the bacteria in an average adult’s body would weigh around 4 pounds?

Heart Beat

Monitor your heart beat before listening to different genres of music — it changes according to the type of music you are listening to.

Stronger Than Steel

Even though your bones, by weight, are stronger than steel, that they are actually 30% water.


If you were able to stretch out your DNA, end to end, it would reach to the outer bounds of our solar system and back.

One Step

It doesn’t feel like it, but one step actually uses over 200 muscles.

Surviving The Odds

Even after losing your stomach, spleen, 80% of your liver and intestines, one kidney, one lung and almost every organ in your pelvic region, you could still survive.