10 Bizarre Things That Used To Be Perfectly Legal

Laws are something that are constantly in flux. They are changed, introduced and repealed according to the whims of politicians and the opinion of the public, meaning that throughout human history many different things have been made illegal after having been perfectly acceptable for long periods of time. This has obviously led to the opposite situation as well though, with things that have been illegal for many years and are considered grossly wrong were once legal and an accepted part of society.

Cocaine & Heroin

During what is known as the Great Binge, people in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe embarked on a massive amount of drug usage. Shops such as Harrods would routinely sell both cocaine and heroin over the counter without any sort of restrictions. Some stores even provided special packages that could be sent to soldiers on the front line during World War One.

Child Abuse

Thankfully, children are mostly protected from physical and psychological abuse during their life thanks to laws that forbid them from being hit by adults other than their parents or guardians. This wasn’t always the case though. In fact, it was widely believed that hitting children was the best way to punish them and to teach them discipline. Many schools would use corporal punishment and children could routinely be beaten for doing anything wrong.