10 Bizarre Real World Beauty Products

In the modern age, people are constantly bombarded with the latest beauty products and treatments that are marketed as tools to help people look their best. With endorsements from movie stars or celebrities and the constant pressure on women to look attractive, thanks to magazines and social media, it is no wonder that the beauty industry is worth billions of dollars. As well as traditional products that you might expect to find in a retailer, some companies have created strange and sometimes wacky gadgets that are meant to offer unique treatments but often just seem completely bizarre.

The Face Trainer

Although it may look like a cybernetic ninja Halloween costume, the Face Trainer is actually a gadget that is meant to tighten sagging facial skin and eliminate wrinkles. It does this under the false assumption that muscle growth in the face will help to make the skin look smoother and more youthful, forcing the user to put more effort into making facial expressions by providing resistance over the entire head.

Butt and Hip Pad Briefs

Getting the perfect body image is something that many people obsess over despite the fact that there is no such thing. Some women in particular want to have a larger and more rounded bottom, especially if they have a flat posterior, as a way of looking more curvy. To that end, Love My Bubbles have created a special type of underwear that includes pads that go around the butt and hip, making them appear fuller.