10 Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About Sleep

Have you ever wondered why we sleep? Usually the first thing people consider is resting. However, resting doesn’t have much to do with sleep, actually the body doesn’t really use sleep for rest. At least not in the way you would think. Turns out sleep is more of something that’s not explainable, even for scientists, but needs to happen for us to stay alive. Why and how exactly it happens is still a big mystery. However, there’s still some quite famous misconceptions about sleep we all consider as facts that you should probably know about. Here’s ten bizarre reasons why everything you know about sleep is wrong.

Not Really Resting

While sleeping, the body still functions and burns calories. In eight hours of sleeping, body will burn around 50 calories, the same amount that’s in a piece of toast.

No Sleep Brings Pain

After only 17 hours without proper sleep, the body’s pain tolerance decreases and people start being more aware of even the tiniest pressure or discomfort.