10 Bizarre Facts About Sex You Don’t Know

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The majority of psychologists and licensed marriage counselors across the world will agree that sex is an incredibly important part of any romantic relationship. Some even argue that it is one of the most important aspects. Sex with your partner is one of the greatest things you can find yourself entangled with, and rightly so. That being said, despite the amount of sex people have these days, most don’t actually know much about it. So, without further ado, here are ten bizarre facts about sex that you probably don’t know.

Depression Fighter

According to studies conducted by The State University of New York, male semen can actually help fight off depression. Semen contains various chemicals that help to increase someone’s mood, increase affection, and improve sleep.

Brain Activity

Research conducted by the Rutgers University has revealed that various portions of your brain come alive during sexual relations. In response to any type of stimulation around your private parts, the brain becomes more active and responsive.

Female Orgasm

Believe it or not, the average female orgasm lasts for around twenty seconds. That is fourteen seconds longer than the male counterpart, which is both impressive and sad for men everywhere.

Inner Nose

Most people probably would never guess this, but during sexual intercourse, the genitals and breasts begin to swell. Okay, you probably guessed that. But did you know the inner nose also begins to swell in size?

-321° F

-321° F is the very impressive temperature at which sperm banks across the world store their large amounts of donor semen. At this temperature, the semen can be stored for an infinite amount of time.

Birthing Orgasm

While giving birth to their children, some women will actually have an Earth-shattering orgasm. That is both incredibly odd and also a tad bit fascinating, honestly.

Animal Pleasure

Besides human beings, which we obviously know of, bonobos and dolphins are the only other species in the known world to use sex for purely pleasure. All other species use the relationship-booster for mating and procreation.

Two Tablespoons

Men everywhere have trouble hiding their erections on occasion. But you should know that it takes just two tablespoons of blood to get the average male penis completely erect.

Headache Relief

A lot of people use having a headache as their main reason for avoiding sex that day, but in reality sexual intercourse can relieve a headache by releasing the tension in the blood vessels within the brain.

Cheating Husbands

Apparently, studies have proven that eighty-five percent of men who have a heart attack and die while having sex have cheated on their wives at some point in the relationship.