10 Awkward Ways The Queen Is Mad With Kate Middleton

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In the eyes of most of the world, Kate Middleton can do little wrong. A role model for young girls everywhere, a shining example of style and grace, the British Duchess is one of the most envied women in the world and not a day goes by in which we don’t hear about her. Everyone knows how wonderful Kate is and as a result, nobody can think of a bad thing to say about her. Everybody, that is, except for the Queen.

According to sources, the Duchess and her mother-in-law aren’t exactly on the best of terms. To us, Kate is perfect, but for the Queen, there’s a lot to be angry about. Check out these things that Kate did which made the Queen very angry indeed.

Wearing Her Hair Too Long

Most females around the world would agree that Kate Middleton has the world’s most perfect hair. The Queen thinks a little differently, however, and reportedly ordered a royal hairdresser to cut four inches off the Duchess’ ‘do.

Ignoring Royal Events

A few years a go, Kate scandalously turned down an invite to the very royal Sandringham Estate gathering in favor of spending Christmas with her own family. Needless to say, the Queen was not happy about it.

Getting Snapped Topless

Poor old Kate. A rare moment of freedom for the royal figure turned into a moment from hell as she was snapped lying topless on a beach. Unsurprisingly, the Queen wasn’t exactly thrilled with the topless photos and really let Kate know it.

Getting Her Sister A Job

Pippa Middleton is almost as famous as her royal sister and in the Queen’s eyes, this is not a good thing. When Pippa landed a lucrative job at NBC, the Queen was convinced that it was only due to Kate’s influence, and not Pippa’s own merits.

Wearing Wedges

Kate Middleton loves a wedged shoe; they’re comfortable, give great height and are easy to walk in. For the Queen, however, there could be little worse and Kate’s incessant wedge habit has driven the Queen to tears, believing they aren’t appropriate.

Socializing Too Much

When the Queen was a young royal, women were there to be seen and not heard and in her opinion, it should still be the same. Kate’s socializing habits, therefore, have not made the best impression on the Queen, who is believed to worry that Kate will ruin her grandson’s image.

Coming From A Normal Family

Whilst Kate Middleton’s family is far from “normal”, sources claim that the Queen isn’t exactly thrilled about the Duchess’ non-royal upbringing. Kate might be the future Queen but for now, she must pay her respects.

Moving Out Of The Royal Palace

Whilst it might seem fitting for Kate and William to live in the royal palace, it was their choice to move into their own, private home. The move apparently infuriated the Queen, who believed the pair were overlooking centuries of tradition.

Choosing The Wrong Wedding Dress

Kate’s sweeping lace wedding dress was admired from across the globe, but when the Queen visited an exhibition dedicated to the iconic gown, she was less than thrilled. Passers by overheard her state her distaste for the gown, saying that it looked “creepy”. Ouch.

Wearing Short Skirts

The fact that Kate is an international style icon can’t be denied. Over the years, though, she has suffered a few wardrobe malfunctions, normal to any young woman. Her habit of wearing short dresses in windy settings really annoyed the Queen, however, who is said to have ordered her to change her image. Oops.