10 Of The Hottest Baseball WAGs Of 2015

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It must really suck to be a professional athlete — you make a tonne of money, are idolized by both children and adults across the world, and usually score yourself an extremely hot partner. Not every athlete settles for a gorgeous women, as some are more than happy to stay with their high school sweethearts, or other women. Some athletes, such as baseballers, have smoking hot wives and girlfriends (WAGs), such as the ones on this list.

Molly Beers

Molly Beers is a lingerie and underwear model who is married to New York Mets third baseman David Wright. While Wright has seen his skills on the diamond start to erode, it appears his skills in landing hotties is still top notch.

Alexis Cozombolidis

San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence is a rather interesting dude. He’s one of the only baseball players that has a meme going for him and now he’s dating an incredibly attractive video game reporter in the form of IGN’s Alexis Cozombolidis.

JoAnna Garcia

JoAnna Garcia Swisher is someone who had her own very successful career before she married Cleveland Indians slugger Nick Swisher. He can take solace in knowing that when he retires, she can still be a big time bread winner. Because, we’re sure the’re worried about money.

Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy has long been a successful model and now she’s the wife of very successful New York Yankees pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

Amber Marie Seyer

Barry Zito just announced his retirement after over a decade as a major league pitcher with the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants. We assume he decided to retire because he wanted to spend more time with his incredibly hot wife, Amber Marie Seyer.

Dominique Rizzo

Dominique Rizzo started dating Zack Wheeler back in January and by all accounts they’re still going strong. We’re not sure how the two met though, considering her claim to fame is her Instagram photos, it appears the ball player is a fan of social media.

Krystle Howard

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Krystle Howard just recently married Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and millions of Eagles fan everywhere started crying in their beer.

Jenny Dell

Jenny Dell used to be a dugout and sideline reporter for NESN but when she met for Boston Redsox and current San Diego Padres player Will Middlebrooks, she decided romance was more important than her job.

Brittany Binger

Brittany Binger has been attached to Grady Sizemore for a while now. Sizemore, who used to be one of the best players in baseball has had some injury problems in the last few years. If you were able to come home to Binger, would you really be anxious to get back to work?

Heidi Strobel Hamels

Heidi Strobel Hamels certainly had an interesting career before she married now Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels. Heidi is probably best known for stripping on camera during her stint on the reality TV show Survivor. She also appeared in Playboy.