10 Awesome Ways To Keep Children Entertained

With the plethora of technology available nowadays, keeping children from being bored seems like an impossible task. Unfortunately, tablets, phones or gaming consoles can get quite boring if played too much, so why not create some awesome games to do at home with the children. These are fairly inexpensive, are relatively easy to clean up, and will keep them entertained for hours. Read on to find out some awesome ways to keep the kids entertained without modern technology and let us know how they work out!

Washable Fun

Let your children doodle on some old shirts with some crayons. Kids love destroying things, and if they have your permission, that’s one less thing you don’t want destroyed staying safe.


Everyone loves the scenes in spy movies where the good guys have to climb over an invisible laser field. Why not create the same thing for your children, without the danger of lasers, and use some red string or yarn!