10 Awesome Things You Never Knew Were Invented By Women

Throughout history, popular women inventors have played a very important part in the world of innovation. In actuality, ladies have become increasingly common in the field and are responsible for such significant advances as the Mars Rover, the first computer language, disposable diapers and windshield wipers. Ignoring the discriminatory barriers and gender stereotypes that stood at each turn, these female inventors exhibited unwavering perseverance and an iron will. We have rounded up 10 awesome things that you probably never knew were invented by women. Here is to entrepreneurial women power.

Paper Bag

The United States got a new paper bag when a cotton mill worker named Margaret Knight created a machine to make square bottom paper bags back in 1868. Another inventor named Charles Annan saw Knight’s design and attempted to patent the concept first. The woman lodged a lawsuit, and in 1871 won the patent.


Patented in 1969, Marie Van Brittan Brown’s system for closed-circuit television security was intended to help individuals ensure their security, as cops were not fast to respond to calls for help in the New York City neighborhood. Brown’s invention makes the basis for modern CCTV systems used for police work and home security today.