10 Animals You Don’t Want To Trade Places With

When’s The Last Time You…?

Most people know the discomfort of not digesting food well, hence all the digestive aids on the market. But with a little help, some water, and exercise, nature will usually call. Not so easy for everyone though. Sloths take up to a month digest their food! Guess sleeping your life away and being a couch potato has its drawbacks. Not to mention the bloating!

The Beautiful And Damned

We all get nervous from time to time, but there’s usually a way to disguise it — however skunks are rather unlucky in this department. They might be pretty and exotic to look at, but it takes a village to get the smell out whatever they spray. And that spray goes a long way, up to 10 feet! No chance of going incognito if you’re this guy. Aren’t you glad you’re not known as the one who’s stinking the place up?