10 Animals With Better Beards Than Most People

Humanity is currently experiencing some type of a hipster trend right now, which seems to be in full-swing, despite what some people would prefer. One such trend within the overall hipster trend is the increase in stylized facial hair – specifically beards. Man can easily grow out their facial hair and style it, women have a bit more trouble, and some animals have zero complications whatsoever. In fact, some animals manage to acquire a beard that far outranks that of any human male on the planet. Here are ten animals with better beards than people.

Bearded Saki

The Bearded Saki has one of the biggest beards in all of the animal kingdom, despite being just a monkey. The thick beard extends from its lower jaw to its chest.


The Markhor is known as the national animal of Pakistan, and is a wild goat living around south central Asia. The horned animal has a beard growing from its chin, throat, and even its chest.