10 Amazing Pieces Of 3D Street Art

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Art is an amazing thing. It’s beautiful and can help us to relax, whether we’re painting it or just looking at it. Nowadays though, people are more into 3D things than they do 2D things — have you ever been walking down the street and seen some street art? There is plenty of street art out there, and some may even call graffiti ‘street art’, but we’ve found some of the best street art you’ll ever see. These pieces of 3D art are amazing, and after you’re done looking at this list, you’ll be scouring the internet to find more!

“The Narrator” By Vera Bugatti

This is an amazing piece of work by Vera Bugatti.

A Ulla Taylor Piece

We wonder if people have tried swimming with the dolphin.

“That Hemmed In Feeling…” By Julian Beever

Do you ever get that feeling like someone is trying to pull at you?

“Duality” By Edgar Müller

Has someone fallen in there yet?

Alligator Art In England

So is she going to try to jump in the swim with the alligators?

Doctor Who In Australia

We know how much some people love Doctor Who, so why not draw some 3D art of it?

A Lego Army

This piece of art was actually modeled after the Teracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor. It’s amazing!

Jesus On The Cross

This is an amazing piece of an artist drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross.

The Hotstepper In The Philippines

We wonder if the man tried to sweep around the art.

“Making Mr. Snowman” By Julian Beever

The children seem to be enjoying themselves with the drawn on snow.