10 Amazing Movies We Can’t Wait For In 2016

Since the new craze of releasing superhero movies that are actually good, Marvel and DC comics have both become giants to be reckoned with not only in terms of their comic books, but for their cinema blockbusters as well. With many more superhero – over even villain – movies to come in both the near and far future, this list is filled with big expectations from those action films. Although superhero movies are the guilty pleasure of many, its also good to see some variety come into this list of ten amazing movies we can’t wait for.


This movie based on the popular MMORPG has a trailer that left many disappointed, but with almost unlimited potential, the hype is considerable. Although the trailer left many wanting, the director, Duncan Jones, has several masterpieces under the belt, and just so happens to also be the son of David Bowie. The movie is set to be released in May 2016.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With all the huzzah for the next Star Wars movie, and the fact that there is so little about this Star Wars movie to succeed it, leads to a recipe for success. The intrigue alone is almost enough to make people salivate for this sequel, but with the darkest story expected yet for any Star Wars movie, this late December release in 2016 is sure to be a hit.